Seven Reasons to use a Travel Agent


1.    Personal Service A Travel Agent is there to handle the details of your arrangements and staying on top of any changes that affect your trip.

2.    Knowledge  While Travel Agents may not have traveled to every destination they do have a great deal of resources for local information that can make your trip more enjoyable and exciting.

3.    Support  Travel Agents can offer you support with information including brochures, directions, attraction and activities, restaurants, and other information that can add to your experience in a positive way.

4.    Value  In many cases Travel Agents are able to locate you better rates, categories, and/or amenities for your trip. Many promotions and packages are only available through a travel agent.



5.    Follow-up  Even before the trip begins a travel agent will be making sure that your arrangements are up to the minute accurate, that the rates you have are still the best available, and that your special requests have been noted.

6.    Protection  A travel agent can offer you services to protect your travel investment against loss in the case of an unforeseen need to cancel your trip. This protection extends to you throughout your trip to make sure that in the event of any emergency situations away from home that you are covered with a policy that will encompass the different areas affected.

7.    Relationship  By working with a travel agent they can get to know you and what you like and dislike. When special offers become available for a trip that they feel you might be interested in they can notify you about it so that you can take advantage of it. Don’t just hear about the deals after their gone, take advantage of some of them.