Travel Insurance and Why It Is Important

Why should you consider purchasing travel insurance for your next trip?

Purchasing insurance is sometimes perceived as an unecessary expense until the time comes when you need it. Planning your vacation is important as most people only take one or two per year. The time to get away from it all and recharge our batteries is an important part of life. However, so is being prepared for the unexpected. There have been many examples of clients who have been thankful that they purchased the trip insurance coverage. Many times people do not see the value only the expense.

Here are some things to think about to help you decide if purchasing the optional trip protection coverage for your next vacation.

  1. How much does your trip cost?
  2. Have you had any illnesses that have occured in the past that may prevent travel in the future?
  3. Do you have children, grandchildren, or other immediate family members not traveling with you?
  4. Can you afford to lose a portion or the total cost of your trip?
  5. Did you know that most U.S. insurance carriers do not protect you while on a cruise ship?
  6. Trip insurance coverage also includes up to 150% in trip interruption coverage.
  7. Baggage protection against theft and damage is included in most travel insurance policies.
  8. Travel insurance companies also offer you a 24-hour travel assistance hotline while on your trip.
  9. Pre-existing conditions waiver if travel insurance is purchased within 14 days of initial deposit.
  10. Protect the entire cost of your trip including air tickets which are non-refundable at time of purchase.
  11. Coverage reasons include items such as terrorist incident, jury duty summons, traffic accident en route to departure, home made inhabitable by natural disaster, loss of employment, injury, illness, or death of insured, traveling comapnion, or immediate family member.

For more information and to answer your questions regarding this important coverage please call our office and we will be glad to assist you. Our local telephone is 863-295-9017 and outside of Florida please contact us at 1-800-330-7461. We can also be reached via e-mail at